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Shopping for clothes
« on: August 11, 2005, 06:12:58 pm »
Gotta question for everybody. When you go out shopping for clothes, do you take them into the dressing room and try them on when you aren't dressed up? Reason I'm asking is I was out with my gf shopping the other day and I saw some really nice outfits I'd like to get, but I need to try them on first. This was at wal-mart by the way (THE HORROR!! LOL) Anyways, I was just wanting to know if anybody has done this and/or can the people who work at these stores actually prevent you from trying the clothes on? I wanna go and try the outfits on but I don't want the lady who mans the changing rooms to say that I can't try those on since they are made for girls and I'm not one. Does this question make any sense or am I just rambling again like I usually do?


Re: Shopping for clothes
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2005, 09:29:20 pm »
Hello Alyson

I think that the real problem they may have is that you, as a male, would be undressing in the same area reserved for women to undress.  Generally these areas are setup so that each gender has their own area where they may, without fear, take their cloths off in a public place, and in relative comfort.  I think the best thing for you to do would be to ask the attendant if you could try the cloths on, before attempting to enter the fitting rooms.

Chat later.



Re: Shopping for clothes
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If you are a man dressed as a man, they will send you to a male dressing room no matter the clothes you're bringing in.  This is, of course, provided that there is only one dressing area with only a difference of a right of left turn deciding where the man or woman goes (as Walmart has).  Now if you're in Victoria Secrets that a different story, but even then they will let you in.

I'm not a lawyer, but my guess would be that they can NOT turn you away based on the clothes you're trying on.  I'm pretty sure that would be a nasty law suit.  I know my wife spent some time working for Victoria Secrets and they men come in all the time.  What ever they wanted to try on they could.  No one ever stopped them. 

Many years ago, I worked at the GAP (in Florida) and I remember a British guy came in with his family and was desprite for a pair of shorts.  The male shorts were too baggy and long for him, so he tried on an purchased the largest pair of womans short shorts that we had.  He wasn't like us, he just wanted shorter shorts.  Point is, we didn't stop was a sale and money does pay the bills after all.


Re: Shopping for clothes
« Reply #3 on: August 12, 2005, 11:14:19 am »
I'd be going in my male clothes and using the mens changing rooms. Should've said that in my first post. Oops,  ;D I was really just wanting to know if they could actually prevent me from trying on the clothes


Re: Shopping for clothes
« Reply #4 on: August 13, 2005, 02:36:56 am »
Hi Alyson,

My thinking is if it is a communal male change room I would be very careful but if it is individual cubicles then you only need to have something male over the top of what you have on your arm when you enter.

I think the problem is not with store staf but actually other male customers who take exception.



Re: Shopping for clothes
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Last time I used a changing room was right after the brain hemmorage last november.  I was ineffective at using a razor at the time, not talking very pretty and stumbling a lot.  I must have looked a confusing site.  The little old oriental lady at the changing room pointed me toward the mens dressing room, which I simply entered without comment. On entering there were a couple of guys checking themselves out in the 3 way mirrors outside the changing stalls.  One of them addressed me telling me I was in the Men's Dressing room.  I simply walked into an open booth and called back "Dykes go where they Please"  Nobody bothered me from that point on.