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Sparkle 2007 [UK]


Kate Thomas:
Sparkle 2007

22nd, 23rd and 24th June

Manchester, UK

“Sparkle has at last brought a real celebration for Transgender, Internationally. It not only educates within the TG community through lectures and workshops, it not only showcases TG talent but it truly educates the general public through integration. During Sparkle in the Park the audience comprised of young and old, Mums and Dads, Hen parties and Football Fans - oh yes, and over 1,000 TG people - Sparkle actually educated on a real urban level, not a book or a documentary but dialogue, laughter and new friends. Many people who attended Sparkle had never met anyone TG before and they left without pre-conceived ideas but real life experience.” Commented Kim Angel, Sparkle founder and Event Director


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