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Finally, clothes!

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I finally got a skirt. And I also got a waist cincher. It's a cheap one from Whale*Mart, but it works. :p I finally have something femenine to wear. Plus, a friend lent me her silver boots, which even though they're a size 9 womens, fit somehow. o.o

Now I need a top to match the skirt, and some black low heels to match the skirt as well.

I'm also thinking about a panty cincher, which I could use for tucking. Not sure about that at this point as I'm completely broke, and just missed a day of work. =\ Also, used VEET on most of my body, and am relativly hairless now. :p

Good for you girl, you are on your way to stepping out on the town.  I have a jean skirt but I have not found a top that I like to wear with it. 

That's great news Sarra.

Shop til you drop  :)  or until the money runs out, and believe me it runs out pretty quickly buy womens cloths.

Chat later,


Don't need to be shopping to lose all of my money. :( Overdrew my debit card again, at least I didn't get a fee this time...

I went looking for a hello kitty tshirt, but they didn't have any. :(

Going to get another waist cincher thingy later today, if Whale*Mart is open later than 9:00 pm


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