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Student Interview
« on: December 12, 2006, 09:32:32 pm »
Hi everyone!
So I am a grade 12 female student doing a project for my Sociology of Gender and Sexuality class. The topic I chose to do is Sexual Reassignment Surgery, which I figure is most interesting. I have researched and read a lot of different articles and there is lots of fascinating stuff I never knew. However there is a part to this assignment that I am hoping at least someone can help me out with. There is a little interview portion in which I have to question someone regarding the after effects of the surgery. Now what I am hoping for is someone who is willing to share their own experience with me in a completely over-the-computer way. In order for me to do this interview, I will send (to your e-mail account) out a copy of 15-25 or so questions that I would really appreciate being filled out. After I send the interview and someone is willing to fill it out, I will then get you to send it back to me via e-mail, when it is completed. This would help me out lots and lots and I am hoping that it can get it sent back to me by Monday, December 17 if that is possible. I would really appreciate responses as soon as possible, in which then I can begin the questioning process.
Thanks a lot!