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My suppressed thoughts of womanhood have been coming to a head the past few months.  Getting to where I just didn’t feel comfortable hiding them anymore.  I had known for a while that I would be going out of town this past weekend.  This trip would give me a great opportunity to go shopping for some clothes in a town where no one knows me so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything.  The plan was to tell me wife how I had been feeling all these years upon coming back from the trip and once I did, I would already have the outfits ready to go.  I ended up telling her, but it was before coming back

While still out of town I spoke to my wife via phone.  Not by design, the conversation we were having just took a turn in that direction so I ran with it. (I’ll make a long story short and skip to good part of our conversation).  We began talking about my desire to cross dress in the bedroom to which she was (much to my surprise) very receptive.  She told me that if that is what made me happy then she was all for it.  I mentioned that it was more than just a fun bedtime habit for me.  I told her that I felt more comfortable in panties than I do in boxers and thus want to wear them under my male close on a regular basis.  I also wanted to wear female clothes to bed every night.  Again, she was receptive and accepting to it.  She even told me which drawer of hers I could have to put all of my new stuff in.  She told me that as long as I didn’t look better than her she was okay with it.  She even offered to purchase some of my night clothes for me.

After getting home yesterday we, of course, talked about it more.  I told her of my deep and long felt feelings of femininity and that I wasn’t really sure how far this journey would take me/us.  I told her that many times I feel more like a woman than I do a man, but had no idea how far this would all go or take me.  She was still receptive and supportive of this exta bit of news, but more upset that this more than the original panty fetish she thought it was. 

She understandably has many questions and concerns for me, her and our family.  She doesn’t really have anyone to talk to and as such is a bit more frustrated at this.  She doesn't really know what to do or say about all of this.  I showed her this site and the SO section.  She has registered and said she’d post a few times to get some help from all of you because at this point we don’t know really who else to talk to.  I know you ladies will be there and help her in any way.  That’s why I felt comfortable sending her here.  I could also use a list of good therapist in the West Central Florida area if anybody has one.

That is such wonderful news Brenda.

Out of all this the most important part is not that you can dress, and feel good about yourself, that would have happened eventually, the most important part is that you and your wife discussed this, honestly and frankly, not leaving anthing out.  This affects both of you, you both have feelings and concerns that have to be addressed.  You both know where each stands on this and what the concerns, and issues that you both must resovle as this progresses.

Keep those lines of comunication open, keep talking,  take things slowly, camly, don't force issues, and enjoy life as it evolves for you and your wife.   Remember that this involves you both

Let your wife know that we aren't such a bad bunch, and I've said this before, we can be a little long winded though :D

Take care,


Good for you Brenda,

Looking back I wish I had taken that option rather than she find out accidently.

I think that your wife will find this site helpful and everyone here very easy to get on with. I still hope to get my wife here.

Good Luck Shelley

Good for you Brenda.
I am so happy for you that your wife is accepting.  I hope you have many enjoyable times to-gether as 2 girls. and that you have some one to shop for you or you have some one to go shopping with will be very delightful.  While I do not have the  benefit of some one to  help me with my shopping, I am sure it will be a big benefit, and you will have many a happy shopping trips, that previously were dull and boring for you.

Keep the lines of communication open at all times, and I wish the best for you


That's great news Brenda,

Looks like now you can go to the VS instead of wally-world. On top of that your wife can go with you. Which on second thought, didn't she say something about you not looking better than her? Hmmmmmmm, wonder what she's going to pick out for you? >:D

Have fun,



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