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[note: this is about the side of transition from a medical point of view only].

I've read a lot of stories here about people having issues with doctors during transition etc yet I've found that now that I have my SRS referral and now that I look back over the past two years I think wow.
I'd say living in Australia may play a big part in that as most stories filled with hard times come from the US and UK.
This is my experience in a nutshell. I first saw a GP then three months later I was officially on HRT. I never was suggested to see a therapist and never did.. the only people I have seen so far are.. GPs, psychiatrist (three times in total), endocrinologist (twice) and obviously blood tests that's it.

I mentioned to my mum last night just how simple it has seemed and she mentioned something about no turning back and it got me thinking about how when you go for SRS you get asked the "are you sure?" question a million times and signing your name a million times to this effect.
It seems strange thinking about it how it has been so easy to get on HRT and get to the point of surgery and then get asked this question!! I know it makes sense..but how many people say "well actually you you mention it. I just spent almost two years on HRT, spent way too much money on all of this, flew to another country..etc.etc....yeah actually nah I think I'll not go through with it". lol it seems funny... and personally to me it would make more sense to ask that question more at the start of it. I don't think I've really been asked that question... and I've never signed my name to that. I understand the whole surgery is not reversible but neither is HRT ok sure it can to some point but not entirely.

Maybe this is just another example of how strange the whole process of transition is when it comes to doctors and formalities. P
Not that I'm complaining no way!! I wouldn't change anything in this experience if I could.... ok maybe I wouldn't of gone to my endo that second time that was pointless and it was a shame I had to go through several GPs but that is life for anyone.... you find a good GP and they move on oh well.
Maybe this thread could be used to compare transition from country to country, is the US really such a nightmare as a whole or is it just a handful of people that have had issues? Which countries have to jump through the most hoops and clap like a seal the most?

I live in Australia. I had to go through 1 GP and 2 psychiatrists and self medicate before I was given a referral.

USA, Oregon.  DIY HRT till I found a doctor.  One therapist, two doctors now,  half a dozen blood test.  On the 6th of November 2009, I had an Orchidectomy.   On the 8th I go to see my therapist for my first letter.

Are you sure?  Hell yes I am sure.

I found it rather easy too, but I think I was lucky to be in touch with the right people. It is variable in NZ.

My counsellor, who I had been seeing for about a year as I went through a process of coming out and exploring, refered me to an endo at my request. I said "I want hormones" and she said "sure, see this guy, here is a letter". So I did. It took about 2 months to get an appointment, he asked I get some bloods before I go. I saw him and he asked me "what do you want to happen?" I told him and tadaa here was a script for hormones. Easy. The hard bit for me was making the decision to reach for them.

I then went to my doctor and he asked me "are you happy with the treatment you have", I said "yes" and that was it. He gives me repeats as I need it no problemo.

I saw a psyc 3 times for my letter. That was kind of easy too. I just talked about myself for a few hours and he was satisfied I met the criteria. He had conversations with my counsellor too as they are collegues, which helped speed things along.

I'm pretty happy with how supportive the medical people I have been in touch with have been. They can be pretty accomodating if you just ask what you need in my country. Like I decided I needed to get antidepressants, went to the doctor, told him what I thought. He concurred. Very un-gate keeper like people. Almost like "I trust you know what you need, and I can see no evidence to suggest otherwise, here you go"

Farm Boy:
I'm in the US and I actually feel bad about how easy I've had it so far.  I found a gender therapist nearby and then found a local GLBT center that paid for me to go see her.  On the 3rd visit she told me she would feel comfortable writing me a letter.  I feel bad because that's as far as I've gone, because I'm not sure yet.  I don't know how easy it would be to take the letter to a doctor and actually get on HRT, though. 


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