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Truckers wear Girdles

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Hi just talked to a friend who drives over the road trucks  We were talking about bad backs  and He to;d Me  when He went to the doctor He told Him to wear a long leg high waist girdle  for back problems and circulation in His legs  later He found out a lot of truckers do this now He wants to try a bra  I told Hom to go ahead that He would enjoy it  that I wear a bra all the time  and wear a girdle  or panties  or a wais cincher

The girdle makes sense, but I can't see how wearing a bra would help his back...  Wait a second... now I understand, the sly devil ;D


I agree with Steph the Girdles make sence for a bad back when driving, but the bra, it looks to me that he is wanting to express his  ultimate femme desires a little more.
While I do not wear a girdle, when I was on vacation Last March, I did find some nice waist cinchers.  I wore one home for the whole trip, ( 800 or so miles ) and found it did help my back as well and now wear one whenever i have a long distance to travel.  As for the bra, I love to wear one too, but that is to express my femmine desire, and the good feeling it gives me.


I tried wearing a girdle and a long line bra  both helped my bad back while I made a long trip and the wasit cincher helps a lot to I realy enjoy traveling in bra and girdle

I just went out and bought a  all in one long leg panty one  it works like wearing a girdle and long line bra  but it's all in one feels good on  and when the beast forms are in  like two sizes bigger


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