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What is your favorite clothing styles. Do you perfer long skirts or short, do you like linen or lace. Are you a dress or a blue jeans type person. Talk about how your fashion choices make you, you.

My personal style is between a hippy chic and a school teacher! lol I mostly wear long skirts (have more than 100 skirts) or long dresses.

What is ironic to me, is that I hardly ever see any women, here in Missouri, who dress like I do.


I'm not really sure what you would call my clothing style.  At home, I can be wandering around in a bikini, or it's tight jeans, or shorts, and a nice tee shirt   If I'm going out I always wear make-up,  and I generally wear a nice pair a dressy boot-cut low rise jeans or pants. It could also be an above the knee biase cut skirt with alot of movement to camoflage my stovepipe figure, and I usually add a cardigan with 3/4 lenght sleeves or a short jacket, but I often wear nice shirt dresses tiied back just above the waist.

You could probably say that my style is too younge for my age.   :)  But the important thing is that I feel good, and I don't look so bad either, which gives me confidence.  I've never had anyone run away screaming yet  :)  I supose that you could say that I haven't worked out a style yet (not that I'm aware of) as I'm still experimenting with what looks good and what doesn't.

 My bigest problem fashion wise, along with a lot of other people is that I have no hips, so I avoid tops that hang straight down and wear those that flare slighly at the hips.  It gives the illusion that I actually have some.  :)

Jillieann Rose:
I like long or mid-length skirts. I’m too old to wear the short stuff. A lady has to act her age.
I love soft and silky materials and in different shades of pink. Style? I just like real feminine stuff.
A small amount of lace is great. I defiantly prefer dresses and skirts to blue jeans.
As a woman I want to dress like a woman not a man. (I have been wearing pant way to long already.)
Clothing is an important way in which I am able to express the real me.
And I want to show how feminine I really am.

Thanks Susan for unlocking this discussion. I think if more people would reply this could get real interesting.


Jillieann Rose:
Pantyhose and silk shockings make me feel so feminine. My favorite colors ar pinks and black.


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