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--- Quote from: melissa_h on November 14, 2015, 11:19:55 pm ---My preferences are changing. 

Being hidden, before starting HRT, I loved tights, tight skirts, body con. Basically anything that was ultra feminine, taboo to men.

As I've started HRT, I'm feeling more feminine however I dress, and am moving towards more practical attire. I enjoy a tight skirt, but realize I don't fill it out quite right.  I found a wrap skirt that basically gives it a skort effect that works much better.

With my legs shaven, I care much less for wearing tights/nylons.

--- End quote ---

Ultra feminine, taboo to men...I like that.  It's so hard to narrow down a style, I have so many looks I can go for, depending on moods, seasons, circumstances etc, just can't be done.  You name it I'm probably gonna wear it sooner or later.  Since regular leg wax I still adore stockings and pantyhose, perhaps even more because they feel so amazing now.  It's so much fun to have so many choices out there, I can never get bored with fashion.



--- Quote from: Khatru on September 05, 2015, 07:29:42 am ---Most of the things I wear consist of button up-shirts and jeans. I really like vintage and retro clothing so most of the shirts are patterned, paisley is my favourite. I also like scarves, suit jackets, waistcoats, etc. I'm not really a shoe person, so I just wear tan leather shoes like... everyday.

--- End quote ---

Button up shirts and jeans/slacks for me. I like wearing what the other women around me are wearing.

My way of dressing is defined by pastel colors, dresses, skirts. Sometimes tighter Kardashian streetstyle type, other times more cute Zooey Deschanel type. Generally feminine and neat. Very urban footwear, sports shoes combine with everything. Ballerinas sometimes. Heels a few times a year, usually kitten (but I dream of making a collection of Louboutins). Always shoulder bags in solid colors

Pants and jeans very few times, a couple of times a month. On the other hand, at specific times (going to the supermarket or for a walk to exercise or something improvised) I wear a hip hop style with tracksuit, tops and large jackets. I like to wear wool hats many times in winter and spring, it is a personal hobby. Very natural makeup in nude tones with an emphasis on the cheekbones or lips. Sometimes I straighten my hair or sometimes I wave it

I basically love almost everything. :D Skinny jeans, dresses, skirts, warm sweaters, hoodies, pretty tights, layers, lace, frills, all that jazz. And I absolutely love shoes. I have about 20 pairs of ballerinas, a few pairs of high heels, and a lot of boots, also with heels.
I love all colours, but I try to match them wisely. I don't like too many colours or different patterns at once, I like it toned and elegant. I'm not afraid of patterns, though. I just make sure there's one pattern at once and it stands out. For jewelry, earrings are a must for me. When in doubt, I look in fashion magazines or blogs.

I am really liking the many feminine clothing styles.

We have so many options!



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