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For me it's soft pastels mid calf length skirts and soft feminine tops.


Glora Femboy:
I like the Gothic Lolita style, but sadly I only have one item of the sort, a Jrock Mana choker (black lace).

For me i prefer skirts that come to just below the knee  ( too old to wear the short ones ).  I do have some ankle length long skirts, that are great for cooler weather.
Always wear panty hose or stockings when wearing a skirt.

Depending on time of the year and where I am, do have some nice slacks that are dressy and they also go well


mmmmm, fashion.  I generally look like I like I'm running late for a motorcycle race in the desert.  But my face and hands are clean.


Until I got this job driving a school bus, I liked mid calf skirts and tops that kind of v at the neck w/ruffles around the collar. I liked heels 1 1/2 to 3 inches, but now it is mainly jeans and fem. t-shirt or long sleeve top. Also tennis shoes. I like to dress up but it is kind of hard when your in a school bus and trying to unhook a wheelchair. Actually, I pass better dressed this way than in a skirt. Go figure. I'm never looked at and I'm always called maam all the time and guys open doors for me all the time. Maybe it's the jeans??


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