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Recessed eyes?


I dont know exactly how to explain this, but my eyes are set deep into my face.  Or maybe my forhead sticks way out like a cro-magnum.  Anyway, my upper eyelids are tucked in under my brow so that theyre invisible when my eyes are open.  One time a bug bit me in my upper eyelid, and the area swelled up... and it looked very feminine at the price of being painfully infected.

Maybe theres a surgical proceedure that would fill in that area?  I know light colors in makeup can bring a facial feature forward, but not when its so recessed that you cant see it :P  If anyone can make sense out of what Im saying, I would love to hear some thoughts :)

Theres a surgical procedure which is part of facial feminization surgery (FFS) known as brow bossing.... basicly they go in and shave down and in some more extreem cases restructure your browridge and part of your forehead createing a more feminin structure.....  there are websites and groups on the net which can show you the results or if you ever watch Dr 90210 in I do beleave the first season they work on a girl named Alexandria and perform a compleet basic FFS procedure on her includeing the brow bossing.....

Thank you!  I see so many guys with "properly" shaped brow ridges, that I thought it would be uncommon to alter that part of the face.  Now I have stuff to look up :)


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