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Jillary Woolen Xσx:
Heyyyyy Brothas and Sistas

I was wondering if anyone who is insured with CIGNA and knows a thing or two about it could send me a message or e-mail
and answer a couple questions for me
I'm supposed to be Insured with CIGNA Starting January and I wanna know a thing or two about it

Thank yooooouuuu


Cindy Stephens:

I really don't like using email for this kind of thing.  I do have Cigna though, in the state of Florida.  The policies may be a bit different depending on the state and what your particular state insurance commission requires or disallows.  I choose the policy for our company every year and look at a bunch of them.  I might be able to help, but please  ask here.  If you have heard from someone else, please disregard this.

Policies vary so widely that, depending on what you need to know, you'll probably need to get the details on your specific coverage. Unless you can find someone who has the exact same policy, you might not get very accurate information. Can you get the brochure/handbook ahead of time and flip through it?

Jillary Woolen Xσx:
Hmmm Thank You Cindy and Arch

lol I know very little about Insurance or how it works so sorry if my question was Kind of stupid haha
I'll have to see what the polices are for CIGNA based on my situation

I just wasn't sure if there is a way to obtain information before I change insurances
hmmm maybe I can try to get a handbook

Thanks Again :)


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