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So...what flavor of pagan are you?

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I'm very eclectic.
-Celt and Germanic is my genetic heritage, and I feel drawn to those beliefs.
-the Greek gods in all their trailer-parky drama are very entertaining and classical,very evocative.
-Buddhism is very useful to me
-The Hindu families of deities and concepts are some very mature, fascinating ones indeed.
-Native American gods and spirits are strong in this place. They were here first, best to honor them well.
-new urban deities...useful. Squat and Skor my faves.


I don't have a set belief.  I guess you would say I'm a mix of Egyptian (think Anubis) and Christianity (think Catholic) in belief system.  It's really hard for me to explain in a way that makes sense.

I tend to be more of an dark pagan with wiccan. But I do like to study other magickal religions that spark an interest to me hehe. Some nice one not so nice :p

   I'm an eclectic solitary... I perceive the God and Goddess to be two sides of the same coin, so to speak, opposite facets that act in perfect, non-sentient union.
   Although I'm quite competent in ritual, I don't practice often anymore; The karmic implications of changing the natural flow of things worry me. I have some experience with Ceremonial Magick (where I started) and tend to focus on seeing the Gods and their influence in everyday life.

  I wear the  pentacle within a butterfly, a symbol of my connection to all and my rebirth as a woman.


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