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So...what flavor of pagan are you?

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--- Quote from: Trisha Mills on April 03, 2017, 10:55:53 pm ---in asatru it is pretty "laid back" in regards to worshiping the Gods and Goddesses its mostly just giving thanks for the seasons and remembering your ancestors, and just give thanks to all of them it is alil bit more complicated i am in no way a gythia one day hopefully once i have a better understanding of the runes lol; but most importantly just be the best you can be :) :)

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For my taste, I think that the old worshippers were a bit too eager to die violently so that they could go to Valhalla (where they could get killed every day) instead of Hel.  To be fair, it was also acceptable to drown, in which case you would go to the hall of Ran.

I'm not entirely sure what I'd call myself. My interests are all over the place, I'm fascinated by a wide variety of practices and traditions. Right now I'm mainly focusing on demonolatry and hoodoo. I guess eclectic pagan & grey witch would fit the best.


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