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Sage spell for getting rid of pain.


I thought I'd share an spell of an sorts that I came up with when I had an terrible migrain and had an wisdom tooth coming in that was painful to the point where I couldn't hardly open my mouth. Light an sage stick and when it smoking pass the smoke over the forehead, while chanting "Take away this headache and my pain" For me after I performed this spell I had almost immediate relief from pain and it also helped my mouth pain as well and able to open my mouth again. May sound a bit nutty but it worked for me.

Migraines happen and I still find the pain happens for no known cause. There is a difference, however, because whatever is not known there is still different with what is not known about my diagnosis. The difference is known. If that is not good enough then to search for a cure seems like a quest.

Some acts of the quest carry a virtue of magic truth, which is still true even without magic acts. A meditation at a shrine of truth may have related to an event of migraines, for example.

Expand from that; example: Doctors shrink. Scientists grow.

I hate hearing that about your migraines :( Hopefully the spell can bring you relief. And that was an interesting example :) Haven't really looked at it that way before.


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