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Green Burials See Massive Rise in Popularity Nationwide

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--- Quote ---Green burials are typically burials that follow one primary guideline: there's no concrete, metal, or any ecologically harmful chemicals used in the burial process. Bodies are buried naturally.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---There's also natural burial grounds, which prohibit the use of chemicals or materials that do not decay.
--- End quote ---

That implies the ground is already soiled to an embalming fluid substrate. The concentration would have to be supplied by naturally grown fruit that remains untouched to eventually soak down into the ground.

Imagine the combinations of trees and plants that went into preparation. Add years.

Science gets serious. Paganism, fields hold knowledge that connects this together with artwork made out of insects.  :angel:

If I can't donate my organs and tissues; I'd really be interested in donating my whole body to science or to a surgical college as a teaching tool.

I like green burials, but only if there's something left to bury!   Being wrapped in an unbleached, plain, off-white linen shroud with goodbye messages written on it at the service seems like an awfully nice way of getting put in the ground.  Much better than a concrete sarcophagus.

My youngest girl is planning on being the first green mortician in the state of Wisconsin. She is in her 3rd year of college for it.

There's recent been a green burial area opened just  out of Adelaide, in South Australia. It's a tract of typical Australian semi-arid bushland and the bodies are buried in virgin earth, wrapped in a simple natural fibre shroud. No chemicals are used at all.. No markers or memorial stone, no nothing.. It's also cheaper than a traditional burial..

I've tried to tell people when I die to just push me at impulse speed towards the center of the galaxy. Eventually I'll reach the middle of dreams.

It surprised me to read about your daughter being the first in the state. Maybe this trend may become quite different then what natives basically achieve. I'm thinking something silly like a large forest aquarium that has a dual purpose. The design alone may need some brilliant ideas.


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