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The First Impossible


A Monk TV episode aired last night, and we watched it before my gff fell asleep. The show seemed as if it was shown live. There are obvious splices in that episode that made it appeared partially recorded. I wouldn't doubt the end of the show was live, however.

This episode reminded me how medical staves carry significant background knowledge (from previous research endeavors) that explain what to expect until the end of your treatment. Note the two common ones found seem published as a single helix and a double helix. There is also those with wings and without. Decent stave bearers tend to express them right in front of the office before you enter. The professionalism found over the years by this trend make it seem as if some doctors learned how to agree to disagree with other doctors. The patient doesn't suffer, unless the patient is completely cluseless about the staves. They are universals, maybe more, symbolic, artifacts, and evidence of the practitioners knowledge. Universities don't make doctors, as they let doctors earn their staff on there own time.

Between an ancient and doctor, there are completely two different knowledge system that are actively kept separate. The staves keep it simple to ancients and modern what kind of knowledge and limits are practiced. At a glance, the seem to hold something of value that is understood. We could compare the staves to more complex multi-cultural and more complicated design that seems as if the staff conveys its own meaning. Maybe you simply wonder at what age did you ever notice a difference between these medical staves. When did you ever notice the difference between ancients, doctors, military, and possibly others?

Monk decided to present "proof", yet Monk could only predict a truth of an event to occur, which seems like an attempt classed to bottom of the gutter abilities when other techniques didn't shine.  You either got what Monk said, and he seemed to complete you (the audiences) next sentence... until "proof."

Science can't prove a first. Paganism has methods and media that allow us to describe the "firsts" that science can't prove. I could ramble off various points of where and how that affects how history and belief systems. Science needs to predict truths, and that is what Monk apparently did, above and beyond the show. Monk's calmness and focus presents a remarkable live moment. Shock and awe issues swiftly flowed with their justice. Almost makes you think he predicted the reaction of every viewer, step by step. This much probably setup as the placebo.

A significant thought related to that moment is how far one has to go to prove their difference is not alien to this planet. If ancients were first, then science can't prove them. The terraformation of the planet by the ancients may have went undocumented in mainstream science to not break its laws.

There is a hint of how teraformation may hold all knowledge of the human body. That would mean we could tell who is alien by this knowledge. This knowledge is a scarce resource of why many people act a specific way and some do not. It also beautifies the teraformation process as an evolution step that reshapes 2D to 3D, flat world to round Earth. This is not your classic theory of evolution.

There is no doubt what can be done. Two find two or more people doubt the same difference of 2 or more truths only furthers the truth and possibly a proof that we can convey.

Can you always predict a proof after you find a possibility? Or do the same occurrence of possibilities, like coincidence, give random answers? In the infinite, there is no random value. In the finite, random values are known and calculable.

"Is it live? Or is it Mem"... a borrowed memory?

The truth is the baby looked a particular gender after birth. There no record of circumcision, yet later years revealed the whole truth of what an individual had to grow with as a tool to such identity. That truth included "what's this?"

Whatever teraformation preformed on the body of the baby wasn't done by ancients.

The individual experiences marriage with kids, divorce, and court battles like it's a rubber-stamped prescription.

Later, the individual's appearance changes and gender still not all what expected.

Now, the individual decided for a second wedding. This time to wear the opposite wedding clothes and possible have children.

We'll assume all court cases dropped in interest of justice on that moment, and the sex, age, and location, of these children are impossible for you to find unless... for common sense not often found among crowds!

If it was impossible for security to tell that a white toddler belongs to a white father, then it was impossible for them to care they let the same white toddler be stolen away by a black father. Guess who claimed the child as theirs and guess who has proof otherwise (... the court).

That's about to change, also. The security force (local, county, state) lost control of the situation. It's a love & hate situation as they look down the barrel of their own gun while they can only imagine what has happened to the white toddler. (actually, not a toddler, but for your sake to understand an age and color difference).

The knowledge of DNA matches is completely no good if people can't tell the difference between black and white and which color of child would go to which color of parent.

With original vengeance, any exploit of the transition may cause desecration and psychosis in the courtroom. The transition never required SRS, as the weight of the number of ordinary days to explain how it was possible to have children in the first marriage... and now possible in the second... *wink* begs the question.

Did one of the medical staves inspire this prescription of birth experience when there was no choice in the matter?

Was the first impossible to catch by a doctor's hand?




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