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Has anyone here had speech therapy ?  I would really like to hear about your experience.

My voice is not the greatest, in fact , on the phone, I always get made as a male if I don't first identify myself as Stephanie.  Soooooo today I was looking up speech therapists in the phone book and on-line, and seeing none, in my area I decided to check out one of the local hospitals, and phoned the ear, nose, and throat clinic.  I told the receptionist that I was a male to female transsexual, looking for help with my voice, and that I was wondering if they did that sort of thing.  Well low and behold, after, being transferred 4 times, I ended up at the speech therapists office.

It turns out that she had done this previously with another transsexual.  She seemed knowledgeable, asking me if I was living full time, how far into my transition I was, if I was hrt, was I under medical care, etc...  I answered all the questions and she said that If I provided her with a referral from my therapist, and from my doctor give a brief outline of how I was doing she would start therapy.  She also said that she would prefer that I wait another 3 months into my hrt to see if it would affect my voice.  She explained that the therapy would start with a medical examination requiring that a scope be passed through my nasal passages into my voice box, vocal cords etc.. to see how they are.

She seemed really positive about the whole thing.  So the next time I see my doctor and therapist I'll be asking for a referral  :)

Chat later,


I'd really like to know how this goes for you, Steph.  I'm also interested in voice therapy and training.  Here's wishing you luck!

--The Other Steph

Hi Steph,

I went the cheap route I bought a DVD, It's worked well for me even though I don't spend nearly as much time with it as I should. That's were an actual therapist helps. They can help keep you on track. Most days I just can't seem to find the time. I do pretty well with the voice I have so sitting down with the DVD just isn't a high priority.

Anyway I was actually posting because although I have looked into speech therapy I have never heard of them putting a scope down your throat to look at the inside of the ol voice box. Sounds like it could be very interesting. Maybe you'll be able to look at the monitor while they are doing it.

Let us know how it goes.

Good Luck,


I've been told that I have a male-leaning androgynous voice. Apparently if I speak toward the higher end of my range, I can easily have an entirely adrogynous voice, and with just a little more work, my voice can be feminine.

I'm hoping my voice is good enough that I can work on it myself. Voice therapy is not another expense I need :(

I am occasionally called ma'am on the phone, though not as often as I used to be. Up until age 16 or 17 I was called ma'am quite often, even though my voice had broken many years earlier.

My adams apple is not very large, and from what I understand, the larger it is, the more masculine the voice.

I also went the DVD route, but it's another thing I haven't used yet ::)

i've also had an androgenous voice my whole life. I can sound quite female with just a little effort. I get ma'amed almost constantly, trying or not. In my earlier years before I was comfortable with my gender identity I thought it was such a curse. Now I am glad of it. Don't get me wrong if my throat isn't clear, or I'm sick or fatigued it slips into that deeper gravelly range and then come the looks. Calpernia Addams and Andrea James have produced a wonderful video called "Finding Your Female Voice". You can find it on Calpernia's website  
It has some wonderful tips and has worked well for a couple of my friends. What I thought was the best part was that they are both TS and are speaking from their own experience.


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