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Pagan Christmas, world peace?


I'll share a secret with you, but it won't be a secret anymore if you tell anybody. If you don't tell anybody, then the secret dies with you. The knowledge may be lost until whenever discovered again. I think this secret is critical for anybody to now declare themselves elevated from neopagan to pagan, and there is much help, even from governments (surprise), for such transition.

First, a perspective: Everything I have posted, even in informal chat, is not meant to challenge the reader. I do, however, believe that a thoughtful ability has been taught and mannered to us in elementary school, yet school continues to stress a local group comprehension (of the moment) in higher grades rather than the thoughtful ability just to digest any media from anywhere. The group comprehension assumes that over the years the particular grade understands each other, which is minimal need to pass and graduate. Notice again, the point is that it is minimal expectation. College comprehension does not seem so minimal due to the nature of how any age and any culture are then exposed to similar (years) grade levels in college (in contrast to grade schools by age). Note that college comprehension means that suddenly age no longer matters. Some people have a hard time with that transition alone even if they never realized that significant difference.

From that perspective, what's really not a secret when you get past a young age, is that nobody tells you that professional schools and colleges gives you the basic skills but none offer any course specific to how to not write in infinite tense. While you got students that scream for people to write in infinite tense, there is a common sense, well known reason with the weight of the centuries that you can't help them. You can lead their horse to water, yet a new water well doesn't break them from their addiction their born into well of grade comprehension they have known.

There are even strict license legalities that can tear down and devastate businesses, no matter what size, in order to separate the business mode out of grade comprehension and to keep grade comprehension in school and not in business. (i.e. the preached "Keep the teachers in the classroom.") This is very serious, and I have even witnessed several times people's lifetime work suddenly destroyed because of the levels of taintedness. (I do cry over this, yes, yet I can cry on my own shoulder. Pagans may have found support within their community.)

The overall points above is the focus on the words "peace" and "transition". Note, I see no need to detail every reason for what I write on how related discussions involve those words and the sense they carry. I can point out that, if you read law, that the infinite tense taught in grade school no longer exists. If it does, there are rubrics only known to the specific court, state, or nation that don't apply any where else in the world. (Your source of Headaches, Inc GmbH Etc.)

On that edge, every year there are businesses that make a profit from agriculture. It is no secret here why there is such governmental involvement. The presented involvement level, however, doesn't reveal or make attention out of the fact that agricultural authorities always fallback to paganism. This every year event is when the lots fill with trees and plants for Christmas or related time of year.

In avoidance of some details, the symbiotic nature of agriculture and people is the only known cause to the concentration levels of people. The profitability often made trees and plants a scarce resource. In due effect, the level of overall intelligence and ability to use that diminished. The yearly event creates a drop-off like cliff in any charted intelligence level from social norms. If we plotted the chart linearly, the bottom of the cliff represents a level that most people can't think for themselves, as if they go to work like a sleep-walker. If they do their daily routine, nobody notices the difference. That daily routine is pushed in grade school, so don't expect grade schools to ever notice the difference. By the time their old enough, it's too late for them to have ever made a difference before they realize. We can only except this extremity as unordinary and requires wisdom, not intelligence, to sustain peace and responsibility for each individual and their own personal transition known to them (from a governmental perspective) through this yearly event.

Given that in order to stop the yearly event requires everybody to agree not to be a headchopper (or buy products from), I doubt we can predict any change to lessen the impact. We can only share knowledge in a religious sense on how improve our lives. A pagan christmas would simply use a potted tree (instead of chopped) so there is no life destroyed or affected (even in unordinary ways).

Pagans realize that trees are the only hope for any other religion's ascension, even mainstream religion. It's hard to not consider paganism mainstream when you consider how sustained the it exists in any governmental involvement. I doubt anarchist think of themselves as anti-pagan, so paganism can be kept to wisdom rather then intel agencies. If world peace dissolves into a planet size desert, the "writing is on the wall." I doubt my own tears will be of water then, because we know how much the desert misses the rain. (Do consider how fast the movie Avatar 3D made income...  that's is what unobtainium is about.)

You may want to dwell upon this. Consider the products you use in your own transition. Consider how even the use of natural land resources fall pray to sprawl. It is inevitable that cities will have to expand residence by height and depth rather than simply expand into more land in order to avoid the next level of headchopper syndrome, scarcity and extinction.

Remember this (if you still can), capitalism is about everything based upon scarcity for profit.  (P.S.  Did you find the secret above?) I'm always amazed how effective the English language archived by royal traditions center to England exploited that they almost had unobtainium by the book, with control of the past, present, and future. Their "forever" ended upon realization of a need to minimize their resource usage (for archives) into a finite world. Have you ever seen a (royal) dictionary that clearly only shows root words, hints of entomology, and every possible combination of prefix, suffix, complex word derived? Lucky if you did, it is now only 400 root words that make exponential sense in comparison to mainstream dictionaries. The royal families learned something (maybe hardest lesson ever), yet it was too late when past traditions spread word-wide and their nemesis became their only hope of interception, or inception of world-peace through their own headchopped event that hasn't made the news; it's gory, and we like any rabbit hole that is not gory.

Mahalo & Mele Kalikimaka.


It may be coincidental to 2012 hype or an euphoria to take advantage of, yet there are no longer lords supported by England or related UK influence as existed in the past (did you miss law code 22.2, it's like Catch-22, the book). There are only cadre and retired still to help the flow. Those who think they have any right by title outside that cadre are only as effective as their own voice, which is no longer influenced by or controlled by a "power" they thought still exists. Note the paradox as they think it still exists even if they were never given a hint that there is no longer a connection. (The nuke-if-needed option made evident because "we" have already given "our" royal goodbye.)

Something to consider when you think about therapy and that word dysphoria. You may want to do extra footwork about your doctor's recommendations or Rx. Make sure their source (of authority) is not (left) in dysphoria.


P.S. I recommend psychosis (even as a spell) for those that were under the influence of such Rx, as it is only temporary not permanent. In years to come, expect the obvious "why can't we know about nature" that was made illegal or secret to eventually be classified, published, and no longer "thought controlled". Secrets don't evolve. (Know any religion that tells you to look "way out there" instead of down to Earth for heaven? Didn't reverse psych teach you anything!) If you think psychosis is a funny suggestion, maybe wonder why the very thought to look into deep space doesn't trigger as something you should avoid (in stare), as it is fatal to actually do this. (A.K.A. "The fat boy and thin man" and the fact Enola Gay actually meant Ironic Happiness, so I continue my agenda to make sure "gay" does not die out to mean anything else, as it never did when you study this DADT history.) "Oh, you thought what I wrote was out there? Do tell! Now let's try a mind-blowing chain-reaction letter titled 'When I waited to open my eyes for the first time, and looked.' (and send it to elementary school)"


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