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a little sad right now

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Christy Edwards:
Hi to all...I have a wonderful wife who is very supportive with me. She has a ways to go but is trying.
Anyway, please give us your thoughts and prayers, for my wife's mother is terminally ill and hospice came in today and said it could be 2 days to a  week. My wife is having a tuff time.
Thank u all for listening...

Many do not understand Hospice.  I do,  My aunt was in it. :'(  My Dad was in it.  :'(

I am praying for you and your wife.  I really hope your MIL is made comfortable.


 I am sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. Mrs Erocse and I will be thinking of you and wishing all the best.

   My Grand parents  passed away a couple years ago. We were all present. My grand father was sick but still, even though hospice told us it would be “any day now” He held on for a week and a half. . My grandmother just didn't want to live after that , she stopped eating and simply gave up . The same thing happened when they said it “would be any day now”. She managed to struggle for about a week before she passed.

   It can be an emotional roller coaster. But in the end we could take comfort in that they are not in any more pain.

  Hugs and love, erocse

  It is the rainy season now on the Oregon coast. Here during the rainy season it can rain weeks on end.

   The sun came up this morning and with it brought clouds and a foggy drizzle. I was resigned to stay indoors today. The fog lifted and the clouds are gone now. I don't think I have seen as blue skies as we have right now. My wife and I are headed out the door for a bike ride. I thought of you and your wife Christy.

   One should always be  prepared for the sunshine even in the midst of a seemingly bad season.

   Love  erocse

My thoughts will be with you, Christy, and with your wife and her family.

My spouse was under hospice care for four months until she died.  They helped her.  And I don't know if I would have been able to manage without them.  I hope that they will help your mother-in-law manage her final time and help her family get through this part of life.


- Kate


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