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a little sad right now

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Dear Christy,

My thoughts are with your wife and yourself. Take care of each other in this tough time.



dear Christy

sorry to hear that.
It 's allways tough to loss somebody.
I'll hope you 'll find the strenght to support eachother in this tough times.

love and hugs


My thoughts and prayers go with you and your wife during this very hard time for her mother.  Having been through this with my parents I know the issues you are facing.

There really isn't anything to be done but make her as comfortable as possible.  And take this time to communicate your good thoughts with her.


Thank you for sharing Christy. My thoughts are with you both.

When my  mother-in-law died, I was surprised at how much it affected me. Partly because of the way it affected my wife, but also, because she really was a great friend.

Christy Edwards:
Thanks so much for all the wonderful things said. She did pass away last night and my wife is having a tuff time...And yes, the sun will shine again...Thanks....Christy


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