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Barbie in the underworld...
« on: November 04, 2010, 04:29:57 am »
Unfortunately, my ritual plans for Samhein fell through-my chronic sinusitis crawled into one of my ears again, so I ended up running out of energy, as I will when getting sicker.  The day before we did do a *ahem* ramble on some not-so-posted land and found edible native plants growing wild.  This weekend we'll go dig a few of them and transplant them to here.

But on Samhein itself...I wore myself out prematurely.
Being both Pagan and poor, I wanted to try some winter veggies-this far south, we'll get maybe only a week or two's worth of actual hard freezes.

The wife and I went to a garden center, and were most annoyed to find that the fall winter veggies advertised as on sale were not on sale,even though the sale circular I read said so; there were signs everywhere that shouted "70% off!".
We had to void the purchase, take most of it back, and rechoose stuff that was actually on sale...

While at the garden center, we were looking around for more clearance items, and I found a dwarf pomegranate. It was only hip high...but it was actually mature and in fruit.  The fruits were the size of berries.  It was a very cute, miniature tree, really.

I showed this to my wife: "Look, honey, it's a tiny little pomegranate, with tiny little pomegranates on it."
My wife looked at the berry-sized pomegranates and said: "You could use those to make Barbie spend six months in Hades."

It took me a good minute to stop laughing.

Blessings on you all for the new cycle.

(copied in part form my blogspot blog)


Re: Barbie in the underworld...
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2010, 11:55:59 pm »
Enjoyed the read of pagan experience, and the desires we share of being more open of such knowledge. Very smooth and vibrant meanings flow with your words. Glad others continue with ways of discussion without any ruin over the knowledge.

Hades is quite lively in the recent Clash of the Titans movie (2009/2010).