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Dr. Zukowski and Rhinoplasty Cost


How much does a rhinoplasty from Dr. Zukowski usually cost? Anyone in here know?

I've had Rhinoplasty (and a bunch more, I'm a proud "Z" girl) from the good Dr.

The cost four years ago was about $4K.  I would imaging that it is higher now, I would figure perhaps $6K.  It kind of depends on what all you want done.

If you go in for a consultation, tell him Hi from me.

-Sandy(I was on his float last year)

Being at that stage where costs are being considered....

Can't tell you about Dr Z....  but in Scottsdale Dr M's Rhinoplasty comes in at $6,468.00

In Ghent Belgium its €2,900.... which in dollar terms would be $4,070.00...

So this is a good ballpark...

Hope this helps?

All I know is that in Chicago (Dr. Z is in IL, but not exactly Chicago) rhinoplasty is between $5500-6500. It'll cost me more because he'll be using an implant for me. I'm building a nose, not making it smaller. I'm trying to get a masculine nose. Oh well, I see him next month...

I was quoted $4500 plus anesthesia fees and facility fees ($2000+$1750 I am also having other procedures). Surgery is only 19 days away now!! Wooohoooo!!!!

--- Quote from: BridgetBby on November 06, 2010, 12:56:34 am ---ive been wanting to know this too!
i think ive decided on his noses im not 100% sure tho
im looking for this result. i did this myself with some surgeons virtual surgery tool.

what you guys think?

--- End quote ---

It is really a cute nose, but I think it is too flat between your eyes.  I having been finding lately that cute noses seems to start to move away from the face right between the eyes, kind of where your nose starts to move away from your face right now, if that makes any sense.  Your avatar is really cute too!!


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