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I just found this site today and have been reading many of the posts.  Very refreshing approach compared to so many other sites.

I am 58 years old (genetic male) and actually starting coming to terms with the fem side of myself 23+ years ago even though I had earlier experiences.

My wife of 25 years is tolerant to accepting and I am "out" to a number of colleagues, neighbors and friends, but not near as much as I'd like.

I do go out in public at least once a week and like to think that I am fairly presentable.  As one of my neighbors said when she met me - "You clean up pretty good", which as you can imagine, made my day.

Thanks for a great site.


Welcome Anne,

Your right this is a great site with some lovely people here. I  am a CD who has been that way for nearly fourty years. I think you'll find this site a friendly and also informative place to come to.

If you haven't seen it yet the Wiki is a very valuable resource area. I know what you mean by refreshing approach, on many sites CD's are seen as the poor cousins. Not here the people here are very friendly and accepting.

So once again Anne welcome to Susans.

Hello Anne,

Welcome to Susan's.  This is a wonderful web site, and I think that you will find that we are not a bad bunch of people.  As you've realised , Susan's covers the wide spectrum of the <not allowed> people, and as Shelley has pointed out everyone who visits Susan's is treated equally.  This is a safe, comfortable place, where you can be yourself, and interact with many who are in the same situation as yourself and those who are not.

So relax, browse around, check out the Wiki, and the library, and be sure to join in the conversations, or start one of your own.

Chat later,


Welcome, Anne.  This site is a great resource--I am sure you will enjoy our friendly and supportive community.  I've been coming here for five years or so (through at least three or four changes of software--Susan likes to keep us up to date).  It is nice to have some more mature members here--not that I mind the younger people, its just that those of us who are fighting the wrinkles have more in common.


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