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Converting to Judaism ?

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Welcome to Jewishness.

Firstly - I is one. There is a reason all the best comics are also.

My dad used to say.
Question: What do you get if you have more than one Jew in a room.
Answer: An argument.

To the surprise of the un-initiated  we differ considerably in certain ways from group to group. For some the rules are non negotiable. For the orthodox - the rules are not violated with out consequence. One of which is being Jewish is not merely choice.

Despite the different "sects" - there are huge - huge things in common.

For instance - you may be "accepted" in temple - marry into it - convert. But to a good many Jews - to include official state policy - "not be a Jew".

So what does being a Jew mean. I is one and am still figuring it out.

To ALBdegas the original poster. It is probably not a good idea thinking Jewishness is a good path to acceptance.

It is to begin with - based on limited acceptance at its roots. If you are one - nothing you can do will change it. If you do not enter into this world as one - you will never be one.

To some a gift - to others a burden - to all of us a responsibility.

Another joke often told by Rabbis.
Question:What do you call a Jew that converted to Catholicism and has been taking communion for the past 40 years.
Answer: A Jew.

Get a dog for the only true unconditional love and acceptance. But believe what ever you want. Being accepted by a group - is temporal.

One more thing. If you want to be a Jew - toughen up.

Goodness, I am learning more and more about Judaism by the day ! ;D

I honestly, wasnt expecting 10 replies ! LOL

Hi Stephanie (and others),

Sorry, I have been swamped the last couple of days.  I will read your long response tomorrow (hopefully and respond).  I forgot to mention that I never knew that JFJ (Jews for Jesus) was started by a Baptist whoever in the '50s.  I learnt something new.  Thanks!

--- Quote from: becky007 on December 10, 2010, 09:19:16 pm ---My dad used to say.
Question: What do you get if you have more than one Jew in a room.
Answer: An argument.

--- End quote ---

I agree with this statement.  Let me just say that I have personal experience backing this statement up.

There are not one, but TWO transgender Rabbis in the Reform movement.

Rabbi Zellman, not that I consider him a rabbi, is one, and who is the other?


Hi Stephanie,

I just love how people use Jesus and the bible to push their own bigotry, embarrassment, and opinions on others and do that in the name of Jesus and God.  It is disgusting.  They are the most unchristian and un-God like.  Thank you for sharing your experience about almost being molested.  You got lucky.  Did you share that experience with your parents?  What did they say?  How do you remember that kind of detail from such a young age?  I am not sure that I remember anything from the age of 3.

I sympathize with you about being hated.  I grew up in Los Angeles and at the time that I went to school, there were still many anti-Semitic people around.  Of course, being a closeted transsexual did not help me to make friends.

It is funny how un-Jesus like Catholics are.  Jesus was against stoning and violence and yet, many Catholics, like Muslims, have no trouble using his name to do harm and commit violence.  The problem here is that they believe that by believing in Jesus as the messiah that that act alone will get them into heaven and that that then gives them the right to be Satins.  Christians often times say that the Jews, regardless of when they were born, killed Jesus, who wanted to die anyways, not that he can die, as he is not human, do not believe in reciprocity.  Why are all the current Christians not being punished for all their crimes and killings?

You are doing wonders to reinforce my opinion that Texas is a redneck backwards Republican state with weirdoes in it, who are not too dissimilar from the KKK.  Texans are also in favor of using the Courts to steal elections and push their agenda.  Are you still living in Texas?

The problem is that I have someone in my house who is embarrassed and possibly transphobic / homophobic, so it is a complicated situation.  If you take what Catholics and others about Jews and substitute gay and trans then, well, you can maybe see what I put up with.  You would think that Orthodox Jews would be accepting and understanding considering what they went through these past centuries, but they are as bad as non-Jews.  Hearing statements that all gay people and transsexuals should be put onto an island (read here ghetto) or shot (think gas chamber) or put into corrective therapy and one wonders then why were the Nazis wrong?  If the people that the Nazis tried to kill also hold the exact same opinion and would do the exact same thing given the chance, then you have both parties in full agreement.  The Orthodox remind me of Christians in that they can do no wrong by virtue of being an Orthodox Jew (or believing in Christ).

I agree with you that we should not let others upset us.  Also, I have gotten discrimination and negative treatment from the transgender community.  I have yet to find a single <not allowed> individual that I can say likes me or is my friend.  I have met several and one was worse and more bigoted than the next, not that I have met personally with many <not allowed> individuals.  God alone knows I tried.  The gay and lesbian community is not any better.

That is cool that you know some Orthodox Jewish Trans women.  I would not mind talking to them.  Can I?

You should not let my partner here you call your Chanukah bush a “Chanukah bush”.  She gets livid.  Personally, I like the name.

You said: “I know what you mean when you said the Orthodox feel like they are the only people in the Universe. BUT, you have to remember that it is their will to keep surviving in a world that has constantly told them, they are not good.”  I have absolutely NO SYMPATHY for that argument.  I used to, but not anymore.  Why?  The Orthodox feel that all transsexuals, gays, and lesbians (bisexual too) are sinners and should be eliminated, which is what many in the society think.  They view us in the same way that society views then, so you would think that they would be our natural allies, but they are the same as the people that they <not allowed> and moan against.  That makes them worse, because the Orthodox should know better and should therefore understand us.  They are not only living in their own little bubble, but they feel that they are better than anyone else and know better than anyone else.  That does piss me off.  They use their bible, oh forgive me (not), the Tanach / Torah, to push their hatred.  It seems to me that people do that all the time, use the bible for their bigoted ways.  Your own past is an example.

If I would say that I have a religion, then I would say it is the ideal that Gene Roddenberry gave on Star Trek, Star Trek the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and of course one of my favorite Voyager.  Enterprise, well, anyone can have a bad hair day.  What a screwed up idea to go back in the past with Enterprise and what a horrible series.  I watched it but missed DS9 and the others.  Yes, we as human beings do not follow the “Prime Directive,” namely not to interfere in the affairs of others and to let them grow and mature at their own pace.

Thanks Stephanie.


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