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Telling my daughter

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Hi ladys i had a problem i wanted to tell my daughter that i wanted to be a woman i tryed for months to tell her my girlfriend already know she is very happy with it i thought i would lose my daughter but she love the ideal that day she went out to buy me panties the next day she got me the cutest little pink purse and pink blouse she know i love pink i was scared to but in the long run they love to bye for now  Nancy

Thats wonderful she was so accepting Nancy :)

I'm so happy for you Nancy. It is sometimes surprising how our loved ones react. The unexpected is such a lovely thing to experience when couched in love.

Good luck on your journey.


You really are blessed with such a wonderful, loving daughter.  I'm very very happy for you! :)

Nancy, that is great. My daughter was very accepting too. Can't say the same for my son though. It has been two years and he hasn't talked to me since.


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