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Holy Innocents Day, Dec 28th
« on: December 29, 2010, 12:16:00 am »
As much we could write about this topic, the archives about Childermas surely means something sentimental to ancients and neo-pagans that continue their path into paganism.

Study at this link:

Easier to read that than my more poetic alchemy (as in the other posts).

The significance here is how equality and difference remains at peace despite the shallow moral impression. Wisdom of Childermas reveal swift justice, yet without wisdom, the more literal version appears as some horrific event. The literal account doesn't include any knowledge that appears metaphysical or above Judges knowledge.

When pagans are treated as born guilty, then Childermas remains as weight of the impossible transition to innocence. This (as being posted on this forum) reduces to reason why even pagans that are of femme mind or spirit find modern day very torturous in each step within this ordinary world, for woman are treated as males. The bible has stories that are apropos to prostitution, revenge, and circumcision. There is much that could be said why even modern surgery doesn't work on gender reassignment for pagans, and here is the weight of history why Christmas appears as that peak of such change. That change reveals the difference between females and femmes. Those lost truths were harsh price paid.

Happy New Year and Galactic Alignment!