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So what's left?
« on: January 01, 2007, 04:56:10 pm »
Gill and I were talking about the future and what the up coming year holds for us.  With it being the new year and everything I didn't make any resolutions although I did ask others if they had made any.

I know that what I want most is to be able to live a normal life from this point on.  I still have some changes to make to documents and now that surgery is complete I need to apply for anew passport, but it would be so nice to life a quiet, happy life, even if it's just for a short while.  Am I unhappy now?  Of course not, I couldn't be happier, even if I won the lottery, but with the completion of surgery I have this feeling that everything else is gravy, so to speak.

I think that Gill agrees that some form of normalcy in our lives for a change would be nice, and to that end we are planning on visiting my parents in England this summer, but that will depend on our money situation, and of course if my passport is processed in time.

I know that I am happy and content with me, the way I look, the way I feel and I'm happy with my life.  So I guess I'm asking - Have I transitioned, is there anything else?



Re: So what's left?
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    Just do what you would normally do. You go to work come home and you have your hobbies. Like my therapist told me the last time I saw her and that was "you are just a normal woman now" so go and be happy. Go to England and visit your mom, do what you want to do or wished that you had done. There are still restrictions to life. Like, you are still married to a bright and very charming lady. Number one on your list of to do's.

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Re: So what's left?
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Is there anything else? Nope.  :)

...unless you're one of the unlucky few like me who had a number of complications after surgery but it's an odd feeling, putting this all behind you, after years of effort. Sorting out passports and tying up loose legal ends is usually a cakewalk by comparison.

Also, speaking only from my experience, post-op hormone regimes can be a matter of trial and error for a few months or over a year in my case.

For the most part, and for me, years of preocupation with all aspects of transition have given way to more prosaic concerns of career and relationships, although I'm still planning on some FFS but that's relatively straightforward if planned and researched properly. Steph, it's a good time to sit back, relax and take stock.

If you do both come to England and pass through London, I'll buy the both of you a drink. Or two. ;)


Re: So what's left?
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Steph, your life will go on and you will now have lots of free time to occupy your mind with other things.  You are very fortunate to have a loving spouse and a productive career.  I'm sure you'll not be wandering the house wondering what to do with the rest of your life.



Re: So what's left?
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You are right of course.  I guess after so many years of turmoil it's hard to believe I that I'm the light at the end of my tunnel.  Of course I'm not so naive as to think that there won't be bumps ahead, but they won't be anywhere near as bad as those I've already beaten.

I know that Gillian will be happy with a little piece and quiet for a change.  She has been by my side through all of this and even more so since Dec 11th and it's a testament to her patience, her caring nature, and her strength.  It's is also a wonderment that she hasn't done me in, cause lord knows she would have been justified :)

Yep compared to many I have to be thankful that my transition have been as smooth as it has been, and I'll be definitely taking your advice and getting on with my life and enjoying it as much as I possibly can.  Living it as it was meant to be lived.

Thanks again everyone.



Re: So what's left?
« Reply #5 on: January 01, 2007, 06:52:20 pm »
Steph you stir up old thoughts in me...
I am not even sure i know what normal is anymore?
Not really in a pursuit to discover that one (at least not this year coming) this year,  but i am in a pursuit for consistency and follow-through.  Not to be confused with procrastinating, i want to work that into a fine art of my own and be able to point that thing like a missle at will when i call on it!


Re: So what's left?
« Reply #6 on: January 04, 2007, 03:11:05 pm »
Steph - and everyone,

I was going to start by saying, "I accomplished my transition over 40 years ago", but the next thought came to mind before I could complete the statement.

Every day is another day of accomplishment. Each day we live is another day we add to our accomplishment. If we are fortunate enough to live it in any form of peace and happiness it is a treat.

My life is completed each day I am allowed to wake up and face the world we live in. Your life (after surgery) has opened up to a whole new world. 

It's not the world itself and the people in it. It's how we manage it that counts.

Go and enjoy life and just BE who you are.