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Really cheap and easy recipes?

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I'm trying my best to figure out ways to save money.  Food is one of my biggest expenditures.  I know it's cheaper to cook things from scratch.  But I'm not the best cook, even though I like to cook.  So, I'm wondering, if anyone has any recipes that are super easy and very very very cheap to make.

I'm kind of burnt out on ramen but here's one I've made a lot of in the past:

Pretty good ramen:
1 pack ramen noodles (especially the really spicy kind)
1/2 cup to 1 cup water (depends on how big the ramen package is)
1 tsp of sugar
1 egg

Scramble the egg.  Set it aside.  Cook the ramen till most of the water is gone.  Add egg and sugar; stir well.  Serve.

oh, im like a master at cheap meals lol X3

One i like is like, 'cowboy breakfast'.
just get a can of baked beans. its usually around a dollar and 1 can lasts 2 meals for me.
also you can get different flavors like boston style, vegetarian, moloasses and bacon etc.
i cook bacon (though that can be expensive, so maybe cheap hot dogs or some sort of cheap version of spam ^ ^)
and mix it in. its a real heavy meal so you dont even need to eat a lot to be full.
but thats good for a change, and then maybe some vegetables on the side. i usually have peas or carrots or a mix. a can is under a dollar and lasts two meals too.

a sort of cheap chinese style meal:
make white rice (or anykind really, you can get teryaki style rice a roni cheap. and white rice is always cheap)
then i get some sort of cheap meat...usually the thin sliced "stirfry" slices of meat is amazingly cheap, like 3 bucks for a whole bunch!
then put some sort of vegetables. i dont really like stirfry so to say, or many types of cooked vegetables. i only put mushrooms in it.
so i put the meat and mushrooms in a skillet and cook them together and put teryaki sauce on it. then put that on top of the rice and put a little soy sauce to finish. the only thing about this one is that teryaki is a bit expensive, so to say. probably about 3-5 dollars where i am, but just put it in will last for tons of meals haha.
(also, instead of the stirfry meat i make chicken livers, which is really cheap like $ 1.20 for a whole tub of them. but i dont think anyone else but me likes liver lol)

ill try to post more as i think of them =)

this is probably something that everyone does but hey....grilled cheese ( you can always spruce it up with different cheeses or spices, garlic etc...) any of the millions of variations on rice and beans, or beans and toast, which is generally a complete protein

Mac n cheese with tuna/chicken and yellow curry powder , or paprika and mustard (the powder not the condiment) also add veggies like broccoli, green/red pepper, garlic etc...

Spaghetti of course!

Basically when I'm trying to be cheap and quick I take a basic thing like mac n cheese, instant soups, frozen chicken nuggets, etc...and spice them up with something so I don't feel so cheated lol. Add some kind of protein, veggies, spices, etc...that's all I've got :)

You can really stretch your dollar by having some main ingredients you always keep on hand can have on hand, flour, cooking oil potatoes, onions, dried pasta, rice... Then you get your protein, whatever's on sale, chicken, pork, or beef. To make cooking easier get them in fillets so you don't need to deal with the bone.

Very simple way to cook them is fried. You take your meat of choice and put it in a bag with some flour and seasonings (whatever is to your liking) let the meat get all coated. Set up a pan with some oil (not too much you're not deep frying this stuff just enough to coat the bottom of the pan) and get the oil good and hot (about medium high heat). Put the coated chops in and cook through, turning them once so they're cooked evenly from both sides. With that you can have pretty much any side dish you want, rice, pasta (you can use the left over fat from the cooking to make a gravy to go on the pasta) mashed potatoes, fried potatoes...

Of course if you're only cooking for one you may have leftovers which is a good way to keep meals going throughout the week. You can make fried pork/chicken/beef sandwiches or wraps or put them in ramen noodles.

Anyway not much of a recipe but you get the general idea. lol

A pan of corned beef fried with hashed potatoes can last quite a while and is tasty.

Also like mixing noodles, tuna, milk, and some cheese and whatever else floats your boat and simmering that ll together for a while.

Eggs mixed with some salsa is always great, and super cheap.

When I'm running low on money - hamburger helper or tuna helper (the boxed stuff that you add meat to) is always good. Costs around $4 with all the ingredients and lasts 3 meals typically.


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