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4 year sentence


This just plain sucks

4 Year Prison Term For Transgender Murder
by Newscenter Staff

Posted: August 25, 2005  1:00 pm ET
(Fresno, California) A man who stabbed a Fresno <not allowed> woman to death will serve just four years in prison.


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That whole "gay panic" defence is ridiculous. I want to see a woman plead "straight panic" for throwing a man off a bridge for making a pass at her.

My god, if women were allowed to kill people who made inappropriate passes at them, the only men left in the world would be gay.


If women were allowed to kill men based on an inappropriate pass I think I would only know about two living men. Personally I think we should be allowed a "PMS Defense".

"Your honor, I just don't know what happened. The cramps were so bad that the ice pick just flew out of my hand...19 times. I tried to feel bad about it but the hot-flashes started up and the next thing I knew I was dumping his body in the river...just to cool off that is."

What a wondeful world that would be. Are you girls hot? Oh well, back to the river.


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