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Breaking it to my wife slowly

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on a sad note....

Soon after I 1st told me ex-wife one night....layed it on me like she was really into it (way farther than I wanted). She told me later she was just seeing how far I would go. sad is this is to have be aware and not be fooled.


I really appreciate you concern girls. This is a very special girl. I am really not at all worried that she will support me.. I know she will. I'v just sttarted to lay the ground work about who I really am so it's not some out of the blue statement. In other words she will already really know what I will be confiming to her when i tell her. I mean there is no choice for me in this I am who I am. I really have made it obvious over the last 3 years what I am. I'm pretty positive she knows I mean how could she not based on my body alone? Not a hair on my body in 3 years, legs, arms underarms ect. hair really freaks me out. My body changes from the hormones is really very obvious too. She did ask me to go shopping this week for clothes.. well panties and bras anyway! Well I'm definetly not going to just blurt it out, I'm going to take my time with this over the next 6-12 mo. I really need to get to the doctor and get that part of the equation sorted out. I'v kinda thought about my kids I am thinking this may not be as hard on them as I first thought they are not really young 21, 18, 16 so I hope they will accept me I'm quite sure they will though. I know you all luv me and are thinking of me.

Luv to my sisters <3

Been there Deb,

A gilfriend before my current wife fooled me well and truly. It became a weapon she used very effectively.

However it does sound more promising for Paula. I hope it all goes well for you Paula.

Good Luck Shelley


Please don't take this the wrong way, but if you are so sure she will accept you, then what has taken you so long to tell her?  It would seem that if you were that confindent that you would have started this process 3 years ago when you started shaving (if not sooner).  So what made you wait till now?  Just curious.



Shelley's story on DEVASTATED is a must for you to read. It all might work out fine for you and I hope so but what worries me is that she might not come to terms with alot of years of lying.

Good luck.



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