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Long and lacy.

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I like long (floor length) skirts and dresses, without a doubt I like lace and normally prefer my clothing billowy.
In generally the fairytale princess look always caught my eye.

I like puff, bishop and corn sleeves. I don’t mind bell sleeves in a gothic style.
p.s. at this page you can find sleeve descriptions, fwiw. The image names have the proper names, by the by. (at least I think they do!)

I prefer dresses to skirts and skirts to pants. … I’ve wanted to wear skirts and dresses all my life and am thrilled I’ll eventually get the chance.

I’m really not sure how my clothing choices define me, save perhaps for a repressed childhood and a lot of time spent in other lands than this.

I enjoys where dresses and skirts more than pants unless it is an uniform ( ST (movies ) or BSG ) I have this Cosplay dreams that I am working on. I also liek to go back to the gothic victorian or slip into the late medival

Mundanely I try to dress simply and comfortabley.


i've never gotten this thing where some people insist that skirts/dresses are less (physically) comfortable than trousers etc.  skirts/dresses are so much more (physically) comfortable!  i just don't get that.

also apart from that, i enjoy the way they look.  but aside from that, i do have some trouser-style bottoms that i wear sometimes.  just depends on my mood to what i feel like wearing, really.  i don't have many clothes yet... that will change very soon i think, now that i'm done with the "i'm a poor student and i'm always broke" lifestyle, thank goodness!

Heh, 'fraid I must disagree with you on the skirts/dresses being more comfortable, Svetlana :) I can see objectively that they are probably more freeing, but they also make me feel vulnerable (not to mention the horrible dysphoria issues they give rise to). Give me a pair of dockers and a button-down shirt and I'm happy. Gonna have to start wearing suits to work soon though and I'm not so sure I'll be fond of ties once the novelty has faded. I can't even keep my shoelaces tied properly.

Clothing that reflects your image of yourself is most comfortable imo.



--- Quote from: Dennis on May 26, 2005, 06:52:49 pm ---Clothing that reflects your image of yourself is most comfortable imo.
--- End quote ---

Hum, that is a very good thought and I bet there is at least some truth in it.

*ponders* Self image… self image.. I’m sure I have one around here somewhere… (I’ll have to come back to this thought.)


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