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No science child board?

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This is an old topic, but I have to say -- I'm an astronomer and I'd love to chat about the universe and etc. etc....where is our science board?!

This is the science board now, Amm12388! When I saw your avatar pic of Sol I knew we were in luck! So who wants to talk about dark matter? Hugs, Tracey

Astronomer ooo that the guy,s that look with BIG scoops to the *stars*
/nasty mode on :  yes i see one peek at me /nasty mode off

Looking at stars that could be gone long ago ,give me always a humble feeling thinking on that.

I sometimes teach astronomy ... if the question about expanding universe is serious, I could give a more or less serious answer. 

If not quite so serious, I'll just observe that the question of 'what is the universe expanding in to' is pretty close to 'what is north of the north pole?'  :angel:

I just feel that going by the Big Bang theory, there is a finite amount of material expanding. The leading edge of that expansion is somewhere right now, what's it running into? I have the dark matter riddle solved, I'll reveal it in a later post. Hugs, Tracey


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