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I am appauled at the worlds ignorance on nutrition and my bad spelling.

First off I started this out of love and selflessnes for you. I have been studying nutrition for years and that goes directly into government corruption everytime. Do your own resurch. I am very smart and know what I know. ( And no, I dont want to use spell check) Bare with me acidemic learning was very hard for me.

Aspartame; do not ever eat anything sugarfree again. ever! I am tired of seeing people die of brain cancer and not knowing why. Do your own resurch. hint it takes you into FDA corruption and even ugenics. Raw sugar is not bad for you and use agave to sweeten things like coffee. lots of nutrition in it.

Why does everyone think energy comes from caffiene these days??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
ENERGY DRINKS, stay away, very far away if you ever want to have energy. Enjoy coffee. Stop using it for a morning drug. I live in Kona and love coffee but only enjoy it on occassion. plus I enjoy it more not having it as much. My families energy is through the roof. Im 39 and never in my life have I been able to do one handed cartwheels.
I make us morning berry smoothies that taste like icecream but are very powerful in energy and antiocidents. We dont get sick. my daughter shot to 10th grade math this year. She is in 4th grade. wanna know what we do in the morning to be super human all day?

I ground organic chia seeds in the coffee grinder. about a tablespoons unground per pint of smoothie. 
here is a veriety of other things I add:
cocoa powder
Gogi berries, I grind them in the coffee grinder too. (messy)
Nutritional yeast flakes
hemp protien powder or any organic vegan powder. ( must be organic many protien powders are chemical coctails)
do some resurch. or ask me for more here I left a bunch of stuff out.

I also want you to know that I can and have cured depression that psyciatrists called a cemical embalance. well I can find a nutritional embalace that cures better than there harmfull pharmicuticals they have been train by the phermicutical owned school to give you.
PM me your food log if you have depression. I am busy but will give any of you my time free. I want nothing but thankyou.
 I am transsexual woman and must live within selflessness to even find enough self worth to not take myself. So I help people with my gifts. Spelling is not it! :) ;)
 further more, Why arent the educated nutritionists that can put me to shame in a split seconds helpimng people and exposing causes of cancer. I care nothing of the cure there is no threat. the threat is the cause. whay am I the only person in the world I can find that has noticed a major differance in cancer rerlated death increace with our factory like ways and fda approved toxins. Cancer was rare a 100 years ago. Get a friggen clue people you have to preotect yourself. everyone on top is in ugenics. Do the resurch.
Please be healthy and happy. that is what I want and why i sarted this thread. And I know others have very important info to add that i need to know as well.,

Mahalo, love Angie  Aloha,


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