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The 25th of Februaury 2002, at Charing Cross Hospital, London, that was my red letter day, it took around ten years for the full transition from start to finish, but that's the day a caterpillae went into a chrysalis, and came out a butterfly, and it still stands as the best thing that ever happened to me, to be cured at last, now all I need is a change of luck doing the lottery, and life will really be complete.

I have never regretted it for a moment, and as far as I'm concerned I never will

Hello CJ,

I was just wondering, do you celebrate that date as if it were a birthday, or do you celebrate it all :)  My wife and were thinking about that the other day.  Hopefully Within the next two years my surgery will be complete.   As you did, I'm looking forward to my red letter day,  but before that will arrive there will no doubt be a few obstacles to overcome along the way.   :)

It would be great to here of your post op experiences as well.

Chat later

Steph :)

Hi Steph,

  I don't celebrate like a birthday or anything like that, but I do celebrate within myself. I have only had one anniversary and I was by myself and had a little cry about that day. I was so happy. The day I woke up in the hospital, my wife gave me another ring that she bought for me in Thailand. Just like my wedding band that she gave me just before we left for Thailand, I wear it everyday. I call it my birth ring. I take them off when I go to bed and put them back on when I wake up. I can't wear a ring or jewelry 24/7. I wear it on my pinkie next to my wedding band.

I must admit I have considered moving my birthday to the day I had the op, as a form of celebration, but both my family, and myself are so used to my natural birthday that I have kept it the same.

Anyway to celebrate the day would also serve as too much of a reminder of the agonies that went before that fateful day, so I'm staying where I am.

In any case I think I look more to the day I legally changed my name as my true birthday!!

I think the day that I went and got my drivers license and they changed my gender and my name on it. I felt like I was accepted into the real world at that time. I had documents that were legal. I know I sat out in my car and cried when I receive my license.


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