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Hello Sheila

This is what I'm looking forward to the most.  Although I know who I am as do many others, the gender marker on all my legal documents is still checked off as "male"  even though I have my name legally changed on all of them, so for me I can't wait for that day.

Chat later


Stephanie, I know you have said that in Canada you have to have your birth certificate changed and to get that changed you have to have GRS. Have you ever just tried to have things changed? I know I heard a lot about what I was suppose to do and how to do it and I just went down and got it done. In fact they said I was suppose to have papers from therapist to get my marker changed and I had all that, but when I went into the DMV I never showed them at all. I just asked for the marker to be changed and they did it. I have done this with a lot of things. I never get mad or upset and just think they will not do it so when it happens, woooooohoooo!!! I have never been turned down yet and I have got everything done, except birth certificate. I won't have that changed, I don't feel the need. I even got a passport, 10 years. All I had with that is my drivers license and my birth certificate. One said female the other said male and I checked the box female.

Hi Sheila,

I was thinking of doing that but then I got cold feet.  For the health card they came right out and told me that they couldn't change the marker, without documentation.  So when I went to the other offices I didn't bother to ask.  Hmmmmmmmmm maybe i should have.  Oh well, but i will be renewing my passport in the very near future so maybe I'll try that.

Chat later


Teri Anne:
Madame Butterfly, you said, "I must admit I have considered moving my birthday to the day I had the op, as a form of celebration, but both my family, and myself are so used to my natural birthday that I have kept it the same.  Anyway to celebrate the day would also serve as too much of a reminder of the agonies that went before that fateful day, so I'm staying where I am."

I celebrate both my birth birthday and my GRS birthday.  Sometimes my friend teasingly asks why I get two birthdays.  I respond, "You go through GRS and you can have two birthdays, too. 

I love the idea of two birthdays. The 1st time, our lives are a gift to others, but the secound time, our lives are the gift we give ourselves.


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