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Anyone on accutane?


Well I'm excited that I'm finally on Accutane, this should definately help my face out, but now I'm expierencing the <poor> side effects (Dried up skin and very chapped lips).

Will I be having these negative effects on my face the whole time I'm on it, or does it eventually get better?


I am. I'm in my 3rd month. Still have dry skin and chapped lips. I don't mind. I just slap some lotion on and some Vaseline lip therapy and I'm good to go.

Five years after taking it I still have really dry lips.

My cousin was on it for a few months, and the whole time he had really chapped lips. He stopped taking it because he was getting suicidal thoughts (apparently that's another side-effect. I don't know how common that is though). I'd recommend ProActiv, it's great for your skin but kinda expensive. Within 4 or 5 weeks of using ProActiv I went from having very severe acne to having a few, tiny zits occasionally.

 ??? If I'm not mistaken there is a class action law suit for Accutane users. Im not exactly sure  as to the details of it but I am positive that i saw an info-mercial on it a while back. Anywho from what I hear you should just use pro-active.

<3 Teagan


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