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My new religious affiliation.


You all know how much I hate labels. However, I have been looking for a way to describe my religious beliefs. After much contemplation I have come to the conclusion that the label “Christian” no longer applies to me. Most modern Christians do not even begin to try to follow the most basic teachings of Christ. I have ranted and raved about this and the other problems I see with the modern Christian churches. I do not see the need to go into them again in this message.  I now call myself a Follower of Christ.

I do my best to emulate Christ on a daily basis.

I try to not be judgmental.

I try to help those who need or want it and to be a good example to those who don't.  This can come in the form of Monetary help, moral help, spiritual help, or just being there for them.

I pray to God not to Jesus. Too many Christians put Jesus before God and that was never intended.  Jesus was simply trying to show us the way to have a closer relationship with God and not to replace him. 

I forgive others with the same fervor that I hope that others will use to forgive me. I hold no grudges. I also forgive myself which is a step a lot of people forget.

I look for the best principles of life and integrate them into my belief structure. It doesn't matter if the source is Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, or secular. I see divine direction or instructions in many things. It might be a song I listen to or a movie I watched or a book I read. It might even be in something I saw someone do or say to someone else.

I try to control the anger I often feel at others. I do not suffer fools easily. I get mad because I feel many people behave like fools or idiots. Anger has similar effects on the soul as hate and fear. All of these are something no follower of Christ should allow dominate them. I am trying to learn to control and redirect this negative trait about my personality into something positive. I feel it is my most serious flaw. Too many “Christians” embrace one or more of these and thus and make it a part of their life. For myself, I will fight it every step of the way.

Basically it all comes down to doing things for yourself and others not because you have to but because it is the right thing to do. Don't worry about rewards they will come on their own because you did the right thing and not because you were seeking them out.  I hope this will be of help to others as I know it is a great comfort to me.


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