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California legalizes same sex marriage

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"SACRAMENTO, California (AP) -- The California Senate approved legislation Thursday that would legalize same-sex marriages, a vote that makes the chamber the first legislative body in the country to approve a gay marriage bill."

This is really good news... State, by State, by State, it's all so inevitable, hopefully the rest of the country will see this.  Same sex marriage was legalised last July in Canada, then some day the world.  :)


Not yet it doesn't!!!!!

"We're going to continue to work around the clock to get the votes we need for next week's vote," Kors said, noting the California Legislature faces a Sept. 9 deadline for getting bills to Gov. Schwarzenegger's desk.

"The governor has said he won't make any decision until the bill gets there. He has said that he is fine with marriage for gay and lesbian couples. In his heart he opposes discrimination," Kors said. "Whatever he does will be an enormous part of his legacy. We hope and

                                        it says the "senate" passed the bill. the assembly hasent? i wouldnt celebrate till both houses pass it, reconcile the differences and Arnold signs it. i lived in calif for 50 years and saw a lot of bills die at the last moment. if it does pass you can expect a "proposition" which is a bill writen by citizens and put to a public vote that will try to reverse it unfortunately.


Absolutly right Beth, look at the history of this in California, We have been as close or closer before.  It is a time of intense lobbying, on both sides, and the fact that the Govenator won't make a clear stand is disturbing.  Nothing is done until it stands on it's own as a done deal, and even then it's going to be a fight to keep it.  Nobody here is dancing in the streets yet, more like "digging in".



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