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Two times now I've tried to dye my hair and it's basically just all washed out right away and did very little. I had it black for quite some time but it was a more natural brand and fades a lot (over the course of about 45-60 days). Last I dyed it was October so it's had plenty of time to go back to boring old brown. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this before? The first time I was trying to add blue and this last time it was a burgundy/purple that at best just left some slightly auburn highlights. I'm wondering if it's just the funky colors or something I'm doing.

I haven't had any trouble with the black sticking (which is the same brand as the one I just tried) but just wanted to go for something a bit funkier without being over the top (over the top = bleach job with really bright color).

I don't think hair dye is related to FTM transsexual talk, lol.  But anyways, I have medium-dark brown hair.  I tried to dye my hair black once.  ONCE.  completely failure.  It didn't work at all. and I used like the whole bottle.  I was so disappointed that I never tried again.  And I don't care enough to pay a lot to get it done professionally.

In order for bright colors to show up right, you'll have to bleach your hair first. You can make your hair darker without any trouble, but if you go lighter, you have to bleach it. If you add color to already colored hair, it just mixes together and looks very bad, especially when it fades.

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Espenoah has it right. Few people with brown hair can dye their hair anything other than darker brown or black without bleaching it first.


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