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Degree Of Sexual Preference

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if you had numerous partners (even if this is against your principles) what percentage would be female and what percentage would be male........or you could put it another way ......what is your percentage inclination towards female or male?

misty xxx

Damn, I just start putting my mind back in order and you have to go and shake things up again Misty, I have been missing some possibilities or something? Pardon me while I take my wanna be lesbian butt out for a walk to think about this .....  and numerous partners?    I've only had two in my lifetime! and damn me if I didn't marry both of them.  I can't believe such a sheltered life I've lived.


Looks like lesbian's 3 bi's 1 and hetero's a no show so far. I voted 100 % female. I'm not very comfotable with men and have 0 attraction to the things.


Hey Cassie, I've heard that there are advantages to dating men,  They make excellent Speed Bumps when your done with them, so they tell me ....



Don't forget that we do have FtM members at Susan's.  And while I know that  remarks about "the things" and "speed bumps" are made in jest, I don't think all FtM members here would feel the same way, and share in the remarks.

Chat later,



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