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Degree Of Sexual Preference

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I voted 50/50. the person counts more than the gender.


--- Quote from: AllisonY2K on September 04, 2005, 12:02:14 am ---I voted 50/50. the person counts more than the gender.

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Only if you are bi.  Try selling that statement to a lesbian, a gay man or a str8 woman or man!


--- Quote from: misty on September 03, 2005, 05:16:26 pm ---if you had numerous partners
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I have.

--- Quote ---even if this is against your principles
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Its not.

--- Quote ---what percentage would be female
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--- Quote ---and what percentage would be male
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This is such a hard topic for me lol...

I've been mildly attracted to other women before, in the "it makes good porn and its a nice fantasy" sorta way....  I never considered myself bi before, I was straight, I found men attractive mostly exclusively... save for the aforementioned .....   Then my male partner isn't male anymore... (really she never was?)  And If I love her differently at all, I love her -more- now than  before.... She is my wife... But I'm not really bi....

 ???  on with the mindjob...  lol


--- Quote ---I don't think all FtM members here would feel the same way, and share in your remarks.
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Am well aware of the FTM's Steph, and while I would think they know a joke when they see one, my feelings won't be hurt if they never ask me for a date either.



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