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Well, I went to a support group.

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I went to a support group for significant others/family/friends/etc....

I was the only one that showed up...  :-[  I did have a nice chat with the leader, she was very sweet... but it didn't do much for the "I feel really alone in this position" fear..  I was really bummed, I was so looking forward to meeting 'peers' ... 

:( I'm sorry to hear that. maybe others had first-meeting jitters?

That's really a shame Alison,

Don't give up. As Allison said people often hang back to see how it's going to go.

Its really important that our SO's have somewhere to go so I hope the group gets of the ground.


Not that you are, but...

I wouldn't give up on the group.  I've been to group meetings (for TS's) where some months there's only one or two girls there other than the leader & me.  Other months there's upwards of thirty people.  Sometimes it really just depends on the month.


That is really quite sad.

There is nothing in my area for significant others. It is such a shame. I know there are plenty of people could do with someone to talk too or counciling and I have been searching for months but nothing.

No wonder there is so many problems and people hiding from who they really are.



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