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Well, I went to a support group.

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our group has a meeting for spouses/SO's/loved ones/friends/family members about once every six months or so. it's a good meeting which can get a large amount of attendance. awkward for some I'm sure, having a large group and never being to a support group of this nature before.

at least you went and got to talk to the group leader...that's a good step! :)

Hello Allison,

Don't be too down hearted, right now you have a group of two, and that's better than nothing.  One reason could be that there aren't that many Trans with SO's where you are.  Was this a regularly scheduled meeting?

Chat later,


So close to the labor day holiday it could have been the regular members were just out of town. Dont give up, keep going. Maybe some like you went and found the same situation so they never returned. Maybe if you keep going others will start coming and stay. Most people don't like to be the first in something new.

In wispered tone: If you stay, they will come.

Good Luck,


It was the first meeting,

I did figure it was simply that the word didn't get spread enough, but.. still... didn't do much for the morale...

I'll definetly go next month and try to drum up some buisness lol

First meeting?  It takes time for any new group to gain any steam, even established groups have trouble with attendence for reasons already given.  I remember visiting with a friend and her girlfriend in Concord and she mentioned a TG fundraiser luncheon scheduled for the next day and we decided to attend, bucks in hand.  We got up the next morning and of Course Roxxie and I were ready real quick in our jeans, tops and minimal makeup, but her girlfriend, being one of the girly girl types took forever getting dressed and we arrived at the meeting place a half hour late.  There was a sign on the door saying the meeting and the luncheon was canceled due to lack of interest.  And this less then 20 min.  from San Francisco.  I guess it may have had something to do with the fact money was involved or something.

Actually I got burned out on support groups years ago, as those I tried had very little for TS individuals and needs.  Most members seemed to view it simply as a chance to get dressed and show off to the other members.  I saw little purpose or true support in them.



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