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How many veterans can you fit in one forum? Let's find out! Who has, or is, serving their country? Significant others too! I served in the US Army from 1983-1987 in Germany and Texas. 16P Chaparral missle.

Sarah Louise:
I put my time in during Vietnam

@Sarah Louise, thank you!  @ Valerie, good one!

My father was 21 years Air Force.  He served in Korea and was stateside for Vietnam.  I tried joining the Army after high school but was stamped 4F/Medical (ulcers) during MEPS.  I respect unreservedly all who hear the call to serve.   Thank you!  :)

My current roommate was in Vietnam. I have the utmost respect for everyone who's every fought for our county. I am also jealous because I do not have the faith in my country to ever do so myself. Wish I did have that faith but I have greater personal problems to fix first.


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