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--- Quote from: damalie on September 01, 2021, 03:40:15 pm ---USN 1978 - 1995 Retired from active duty when we closed Naval Security Group Activity, Galeta Island, Republic of Panama.
Sonar Technician Submarines; Cryptologic Technician Interpretive (Linguist)
USS Sam Rayburn
USS Antrim
USS Nimitz
USS South Carolina
USS Yorktown

--- End quote ---

Thank you for your service. 🙂

Hugs, Devlyn

Sad tale coming!

My 1st cousin Brenda died in June.  Undiagnosed cancer at 61 years!  How can that happen in today's world?  I'll tell you!  Economics.  She was Coast Guard vet late 80's - late 90's. She was an electronics genius!  Serving in the homophobic climate of the period (much like me!) she was under enormous pressure.  All of trans folks folks dealt with it as best they could.  She had a crush on her commander and made a mistake.  She was caught underdressed while in uniform; the camisole top under the uniform T and dress shirt was spotted.  Her life became a living hell. 

Long story short, Other than Honorable Discharge and the next 10 years trying to fit in closeted; trying to self medicate screwed her up physically causing some atrocious side affects that didn't reverse (finger tips became splayed, flattened).  Depression, drugs, and such unhappiness was the norm for "Brian."  With no medical insurance and no help from any front misery was the name of her game.  Finally, when Obama Obama came to office, she reached out to the VA; then only after fighting the establishment/bureaucracy to upgrade her discharge to General did begin to sort out the underlying troubles.  Counseling helped her to come out the the world, then HRT and assistance from the trans community in the Seattle area.  At last helping her feel progress to equilibrium where the rest of the world see her correctly.

She had implant surgery November 2020 and SRS (in hospital Spokane) that December.  She wasn't healing as expected, then the shock.  Diagnosis stage 4 cancer.  Apparently starting in the lungs moving down into bone, bowels, prostate and that's enough said.  She was dead in three months, never enjoying the fruits of the trans battle within and without.

Why they didn't pick it up in preop screenings and prep.   ARGH!

A very sorrowful story that has some similarities to my own.  It breaks my heart to hear of others suffering so, especially any of my Sisters and Brothers who have Served.  Much has changed since back then.  Still got a ways to go.  God Bless.


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