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Roll call!

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V M:
There have been Veterans in my family for centuries, but most recent... Father - MP Sergent US Marines - Korean conflict...
Step dad - K-9 division US Army - Recon - Viet Nam... Step Grandfather (rest his soul) - US Navy - WWII... Younger brother - US Army - Iraq

I also give memory to a friend who started out in the Marine Corps and then got involved in special forces

@ Del, thanks for stopping by! I was in Zweibrucken, then Kaiserslautern.

@ Pretty, thanks for reading this! Truthfully, I don't know, my crossdressing started years after my service. Maybe someone else has some input?

@ Axelle, nice! I remember the Starfighters going very fast, very low! We called the German pilots maniacs, no offense intended.

@ Virginia, many thanks to you and your family members. Your family hears the call, and responds.


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