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Roll call!

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  US Navy, 1971 - 1975, Cold War in North Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea on an aircraft carrier.  Nearly got sent to 'Nam.  Aircraft radar repair.  My absentee dad served in the Army Air Force in WWII in B-17's. 

@ Becka, my Dad was in the Army in Korea, but after WWII and before the war in Korea. @ Rabbits, thanks for your support! Having an all volunteer service means that only those who, as Becka said "hear the call" have to serve. @ Joelene, every time I sign on here and see the Susans girl, I think B-17!

While I am not a true vet, I was in the military when I was younger.  Army and Navy.  Classified 4F at the end. 

But Bless those who did serve and thank you so much.

US Army Infantry. 1989-1992. (11B-1-P) Airborne! I served during the Gulf War but it was over before our unit could finish a training mission at the National Training Center. Anyone else spent time at NTC? Only place worse than that is the Yakima Firing Range in Yakima, WA.

Janet heard the call too! They don't know what they missed, hon! Stacy, the most miserable place they ever sent me was Baumholder, an armored base and firing range. Tanks driving and firing night and day!


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