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Hi everyone,

I've always heard, "Don't match your eyeshadow color with your eyecolor."  (i.e. no blue eyeshadow if you have blue eyes)

But what about matching eyeshadow to your clothes?  If you're wearing a black shirt, should you not wear brown eyeshadow?  Is it wrong to wear purple eyeshadow with a purple shirt?

I guess I'm not asking if it's right or wrong, rather, what the general rule of thumb is.

Just curious,


eyeshadow should accent your eyecolor to bring out that color. lavander eyeshadow will work with brown eyes to bring out that color. not sure about blues though....

for eyeshadow and shirt/top color...choose a color that matches or coordinates well. just don't match everything together. that's weird.

Hi Amy,

Personally I have blue eyes boardering on grey and use shades of brown or grey but don't go in for colours. I used to use colours but found it all a bit seventiesish. Given that I am in my fourties it might however be an age thing :).


Yep Shelley, it's an age thing  :)

But I haven't heard of what Amy was mentioning.  For myself I use colour that compliments my skin colour more than eye colour.  But that's me.  Earthy tones suite me best so I use a light to dark brown on my lids, and then pale pink to white around the lids to mask of the look of my deep set eyes.  I've tried the smoky colours in the evening, greys, and blues, but that as far as I gotten.

Chat later,


Hi Steph,

It's true isn't it about our self image not only is it GID it's younger than we believe. Of course that's another sign of age. As if we didn't need any more reminders :(.



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