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Make-up colors

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--- Quote from: Cassie ---P.S. And when she becomes President we'll make jokes and critizise her too. Our country is full of armchair quarterbacks
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And apparently comedians  ;D



--- Quote from: Alison on September 07, 2005, 11:29:23 pm ---i saw on TV tonight... a commercial for eyeshadow that is automatically color co-ordinated to your eye color for you..... damn next time I'll try to pay attention to what brand....

in answer to your question, No idea... I've always thought blue eyeshadow was sorta tacky, but that might be from growing up in the 80's LOL

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That eye shadow commercial I believe you saw on TV was for Almay Intense i-Color.  They have color coordinated shadows, mascara, and eye liner/crayon for specific color eyes.  I have tried the one for blue eyes and it doesn't look too bad.  There are good instructions on the back of the packaging that tell you where exactly to apply the eye shadow colors.  The matching mascara does not clump so much like other brand names I have tried.  For blue eyes, the Almay mascara is actually tinted dark blue instead of black.  Hope this helps!   :angel: 



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